Eddy current  &  Magnetic separators

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Separation plants


• Magnetic separator

  for the Iron

  - overbelt overband

  - plates and bars

  - pulleys and cylinders

  - filters and grates


Eddy current separators for Non-ferrous metals


Cylinders mills for Glass crushing


Cylinders presses for plastic bottles, tetra-pak, cans


Cable and WEEE recycling

separation plants


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Cogelme develops plants and separation systems for multi-materials separation and recover from collected inorganic wastes. Composite materials like ferrous and non-metals, glass, plastics, are precisely separated and processed with our plants.

Cogelme plants come in various sizes and are configured to adapt any sorting requirements. They are used in all the important recycling sectors - industrial, commercial and household waste recycling.

Customer’s advantages

Cogelme offers you all advantages of proved technology for various applications.

Special engineered solutions assure for you labour costs savings, as very few workers are needed for machines supervising.

Recyclers work with reliable and fail-safe machines because we strictly control that only the high quality certified components would be used.

For your best results achieving, Cogelme specialists develop an individualized plan according your specific needs.

Customer's result

Excellent separated valuable materials, reduced labour costs, saved time, increased profitability.


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non-organic waste separation system



iron separation system from crushed cars


Glass recycling system - metal separation, glass crushing, paper separation




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